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How not to be boring to your spouse

How Not to be Boring to Your Spouse? 8 Simple Tips

With smartphones and gadgets taking up our free time, we hardly spend some quality time with our spouses. The result? They lose interest and find shelter in engaging in other activities that give them entertainment and keep them hooked. Well, this gives rise to a lot of insecurities, and soon the spark in the bond diminishes.

Wondering what to do in such cases? Reignite the candle of your marriage by adding some smart techniques to your everyday routine. Once you do so, you will be sure that your partner is not going anywhere, and their seemingly boring feelings will vanish.  But then doing so requires a lot of effort and commitment from your side. Your spouse is important, and therefore, you should do all you can to make them love you more than ever. 

So to help you in this demanding task, we have come up with some simple yet effective ways. Use them as your armors, and start succeeding in your relationship game.

Tips and tricks to guide you on how to stop being boring to your partner

The following tips are a sure shot way to ensure that you are the most interesting person on the planet for your partner. Use them to your rescue and see the magic happen.

1. Pay attention to your looks

Pay a lot of attention to your wardrobe essentials, as this will help you level up in the attraction task. If your partner likes blue, make sure to add many pieces of the same color so that you are mostly dressed up to impress them. If they like lighter shades, make sure to buy the latest pieces. 

A little effort in the right direction will go a long way in giving you more success than you expect. And while you are at it, make sure to wear some good perfume to mesmerize them when you are around. They are surely going to stick with you forever if they observe that you are paying a lot of attention to their choice while flaunting your best look.

2. Plan dates together

Do you know that couples who plan date nights and add them to their important to-do lists experience better communication, higher affection, and appreciation for their better half? Dates are a great way to spend some good time together and give a chance to develop a healthier bond as the pair can focus on important issues without distractions. 

So without wasting a second, plan your next date, preferably a candlelight dinner, take out their favorite color, and add some matching accessories when you go out together. The time is near when they will fall for you once again, promising to be yours forever.

3. Remember that little things matter the most

We often look at the big picture and forget to focus on little things that are important. Therefore it’s time to freshen up your relationship with those sticky notes for your partner. These forms of modern love letters will definitely do the trick and you will soon come out from the haunting thoughts of how to stop being boring.

Also, hire a babysitter at times so that you two can enjoy some small things together, even if it’s having a cup of tea together. And those surprise gifts are always welcome. So start focusing on small things and add value to your relationship that is being compromised because you don’t have time for any major commitments.

4. Try to express your love

The next thing on your how to not be a boring person list is to express your love all the time. A good kiss in the middle of the night always works wonders. You might be getting tired due to your hectic schedule but saying ‘I love you’ or showing concern over their health is always important. 

Make sure that you allot some time, even if they are just a few moments, to these essential gestures so that your spouse feels important and their interest in you remains intact.

5. Make the first move

You should never wait for your partner to make the first move in the bedroom. For quick results, take the initiative whenever you get the chance. Intimacy has always been essential to keep relationships exciting, so no chance should be missed. 

Therefore buy a good pair of nightwear, decorate the room with some candles and flowers and make all the tables turn in your favor. Even if your spouse is the less expressive type, this strategy is definitely going to force them to surrender.

6. Take interest in their interest

One thing that bothers most people is that they don’t feel loved or respected by their partners. If you are seriously looking for replies on how not to be boring to your partner, you should consider giving them time and attention where it is due. 

If your partner is a cricket fan, watching a match with them will definitely give you some bonus points and make you their hearts leader for longer. So even if it’s boring for you, this once-in-a-while act is essential and so should be ticked into your list of most important agendas.

7. Watch movies together

Watching some mood movies is another way to spend some pleasant time together. You can ask your mate for some recommendations or put on a romantic movie of your choice and see your bond strengthen with each other.  As per a study, partners who watched movies together and then discussed on screen relationships were less likely to get separated. 

So make a list today only and get hooked with your partner in a fun and engaging way. This will soon become a habit, and you two are definitely going to find each other more interesting than before.

8. Be polite to them

Talking to your spouse politely is important. If you are always shouting or screaming, there is only fear rather than love and excitement. Treat your partner nicely, and they will never get bored of this polite nature of yours. 

So the next time the house is messed up or the lights are left open by mistake, instead of making a fuss out of it, react calmly, and you will feel that all the excitement that has just vanished will be restored. Good behavior with each other is the sure shot way to success in these delicate bonds of love.

Time to Keep your worries on how to not be a boring person aside

Being in marriage demands time, commitment, patience, and love. You need to give a lot without expecting anything in return. This might sound difficult to you, but then only these efforts will make things work, and once everything falls in place, you will get a lot of rewards that you can enjoy forever.  

So it’s important to keep your bond strong and your partner engaged even if things don’t seem to be working in the beginning or somewhere along the road. To succeed in this challenging endeavor, follow the above-mentioned tips, and soon, your partner will regain interest in you. Enjoy every moment from there on.

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