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8 Signs Your Wife in Cheating on You

Suspicious of Your Wife? 8 Signs She is Cheating on You

It’s never a good feeling to find out that your wife is being unfaithful to you. Loyalty is expected from your better half for many years but it is not guaranteed. However, it still comes as a blow to your heart when you find out she’s being disloyal to you. 

Having said that, you can’t say for sure if she is actually cheating on you unless, of course, you catch her in the act. But more often than not infidelity lies in the subtle gestures and actions of your spouse which when observed carefully can be very telling of their loyalty towards you.

So, you must realize in time what your wife is up to before it is too late. There are many ways of knowing whether your wife is cheating on you or not. It all lies in her behavior and conduct. If your wife is cheating then she will definitely act like it too.

Here are 8 common signs that your wife is cheating on you.

1. She is always on her phone

All of us are pretty much glued to our cell phones most of the time so it might not come off as a surprise if your wife is too. However, excessive use of mobile phones becomes a problem when it starts to affect your relationship. If your wife can’t seem to stop texting or checking out Instagram all day long then that means something is fishy. Solidifying this is the fact that she is being secretive about her cell phone.

In a perfectly healthy relationship, partners don’t really have time for their social media when they are hanging out with each other. This is because you both enjoy each other’s company so much that a third involvement seems invasive. So, if you think that your wife is spending way too much time on her cell phone then that’s a cause for concern.

Your cell phone might be your personal space but it shouldn’t be a place that you should be hiding from your husband so if your wife is doing that then you know she is cheating on you.

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2. She is never present in the moment

If you start to notice that your wife always seems to be distracted and no longer pays attention to you and your concerns then that is alarming. This could very well be because she is going through something so you need to have a talk with her. If she gets all defensive then that means she is distracted because someone else has caught her attention.

Lately, you have noticed that your wife is always physically present but is never mentally there with you. These are obvious signs that your wife’s attention is somewhere else and she can’t care less about what you say or do. A loyal and faithful wife is not an absent one. She will always make sure that you have her undivided attention.

3. She is putting more efforts than usual into her appearance

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that your wife likes to dress up. What should be alarming and worth paying attention to is knowing that she isn’t doing it for you. If your wife is cheating on you then she will be obsessing over looks more than usual. She will be;

  • Putting extra time and effort into dressing up
  • Spending an excessive amount of time pulling off a look
  • Focusing more and more on her skincare even if she doesn’t have time for it

Dressing up well and focusing on yourself are not things that one should be wary of especially when most women like putting effort into their looks. However, if you feel that your wife is doing more than usual then you should pay close attention to what she is up to.

4. She is emotionally distant

Relationships grow strong when there is mutual empathy and understanding between husband and wife. When empathy leaves the dynamic then the relationship becomes useless. If you observe this pattern in your wife in that she is becoming increasingly apathetic towards your worries and problems then that means she really doesn’t care about you. Her mind and heart are with someone else and she no longer wishes to pay attention to your needs and wants. 

Some of the ways of knowing she is emotionally distant are;

  • Being apathetic towards you
  • Blaming you for the problems in her life
  • Getting frustrated with you 
  • Deliberately misunderstanding your feelings

The most important thing in a relationship is emotional connection and when that is lost it is difficult to bear so when you start to feel such a thing happening you should call it out.

5. She avoids getting physically intimate with you

Physical intimacy is that one thing that brings spouses closer together. When that is lost and your wife does not seem interested in getting intimate with then that is alarming. A lack of physical intimacy can look like this;

  • Showing disdain for hugs and kisses
  • There is no spark in the bedroom
  • Sex becomes a chore rather than something that comes naturally as a result of mutual affection

If she is cheating on you then that means her sexual needs are being fulfilled elsewhere so she doesn’t feel the need to be intimate with you. She is more than likely not to feel any attraction towards you so she has found it somewhere else.

6. She has started to talk about the future in a different way

Another pattern to observe in your wife to make sure she is cheating is to notice how she talks about the future. If she conveniently forgets to include you in her plans then that is a sign that she doesn’t wish you to be a part of her future. She omits the use of “we” when she talks about the future. Even if she gives you the reassurance that she isn’t being selfish about her plans it still could very well mean that she is just trying to cover her tracks.

7. She is always busy

One of the signs your wife is cheating is she hardly has time for you. She gives you unconvincing excuses for not spending time with you when clearly, she is making time for other leisurely activities. This just means that she has lost interest in you and doesn’t feel relaxed when she is around you so as a result, she makes excuses for getting out of any plans with you.

8. She is always in a bad mood

Recently, your wife seems to be in an erratic mood all the time. She is experiencing terrible mood swings and picks a fight with you over minor things. Erratic behavior can manifest itself as;

  • Picking up fights with you
  • Giving you sarcastic answers
  • Getting irritated with you
  • Showing no interest in having a conversation with you

Women are generally more talkative and want to discuss at length what their day has been like so if your wife doesn’t seem to share anything with you then it is probably because she has already discussed it with someone else and feels not as important to share with you.


You can never judge accurately if your wife is cheating on you by her behavior. To be assured of it you should either catch her in the act or probably just ask her upfront. If she becomes defensive and blames you for her problems then she is definitely guilty.

These signs are major red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. You must have a conversation with her and tell her about your suspicions. A healthy conversation will save you since either she will confess or at least you will know she is guilty so you will take action in time.

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