About Us

I was interested in human relationships from the beginning. I wanted to know what forms a relationship, what are the necessary ingredients for a healthy relationship and what destroys a relationship. Over the years, I read lots of relationship books and magazines, attended seminars, met relationship experts and watched movies based on relationships. I remember waiting impatiently to read people’s letters to a newspaper regarding their family and relationship issues which they published every week. All these readings, discussions and observations helped me get an idea of the kind of issues people face in their relationships.

It stressed me to read and know about failed marriages, toxic relationships, hard feelings, and incompatible lives. I would wonder where people go wrong with their relationships. What mistakes they make? How can they make their bonds strong? How can they enjoy healthier, happier connections?

All these questions led to the foundation of this blog. I thought if I am having these questions, so will other people. Of course, there are thousands of books that people can refer to but it requires time and only few people are willing to do that. It seemed like a nice and useful idea to answer these questions in the form of articles. People will find it short yet effective.

Our mission is to provide expert advice and tips on the most common problems people face in their relationships. We want this blog to be a helpful resource for people looking for solutions and techniques for their troubled affairs.