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15 Subtle Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

15 Subtle Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

In every relationship, the right amount of balance is important. If you feel your man goes out of his way every time for you, you would also want to work on ways to make him feel loved and important. After all, he listens to you, gives you gifts every now and then, respects you, takes a stand for you, and also celebrates your important days to make you feel on top of this world.

So now it’s your turn. You also need to take the right steps. But then you always wonder what does a man need to feel loved? Well, to make your life easier, we have come up with some subtle ways that will make your man happy and will work in favor of your relationship.

Some secrets of how to make a guy feel loved

Follow these golden rules, and your man will stay yours forever.

1. Welcome him home

The best thing you can do for your man is to offer him a warm welcome as soon as he enters the house after a tiring day at work. Your chores will go on forever, so it’s better to leave everything for a while and give him some time and attention. You can offer to take off his coat and his bag from his hand. This might sound old school to you, but it is still the most effective means to make the man of your life feel important. So dedicate a few minutes for a warm welcome and enjoy the wonders that tag with this gesture of yours.

2. Look your best when he is around

To make your man feel loved, you should explicitly dress for him. Wear his favorite color and put on a fragrance that he adores. This way, he will know that he is important to you and will feel valued in this relationship game. And the best part is that this is going to further ignite his feelings for you. So while you will also feel good, the dressing up game will definitely work in favor of your relationship, taking it one step further.

3. Cook his favorite food

You might have heard that the route to a man’s heart is from his stomach. Well, this is true. Food is the best source to win anyone’s heart, and so your man will love the time and attention you devote to him by cooking his favorite meal. Also, don’t forget to add a good drink to complement the items you have laid on the table to radiate more positive vibes. This way, you two will get to spend some quality time with each other over a good feast. 

4. Serve him

Well, since there is a lot of sensitivity involved in these kinds of relationships, you constantly ask yourself how to make a man feel loved? A good way is to serve him while he is around. You can offer him tea, coffee, or some evening snacks if he is a foodie. In case he is a workaholic, you can give him a glass of water every now and then, showing that he and his health is a priority and stating your love by actions rather than words.

5. Respect his opinion

We always tend to seek our partner’s opinion in important matters of life. Well, do we always respect what they say? The answer might be a no. Remember that your man loves you, and so his opinion will be in your best interest. It is always advised to pay a lot of attention to what he says, and it is good to respect him and his thoughts. You wouldn’t want to go on a long bumpy road trip with your friends if your partner thinks it is dangerous and therefore is upset about it. So think twice and give your man the respect he deserves.

6. Appreciate him

Appreciation lifts people up. At least your man deserves some praise for doing so much for you. So try to appreciate all his efforts rather than complaining over petty things. Men usually are not that expressive, but when you appreciate them, you will feel the difference and experience the positivity that will be spread around as a result. Also, when you are grateful for the little things, you will realize that this guy will work even harder to further contribute to your wellbeing. So stop highlighting the negatives and focus on the positives to add more flavor to your love life.

7. Respond to his love in a positive manner

Physical intimacy is an important contributor in making a relationship successful. If your man is the initiator type, he may make some sexual advances. Try not to dismiss them, as this might offend your partner and shatter his confidence. Always respond to his feelings and show the same level of enthusiasm. This way, he will feel loved and appreciated and will never doubt your feelings for him.

8. Trust him

Trust is the backbone of all kinds of associations, and when you trust your mate, this means you believe in their every move. This way, your partner will feel fully accepted and will support you even more for confiding in him. So even if things are not as healthy between you two, don’t miss out on this one, as this is the strongest link that will make your bond solid and long-lasting.

9. Try to know his interests

You both might have very few things in common, which is quite normal. Well, mostly opposites attract, and so you might be able to take your relationship further with this man even if you fail to have mutual interests. Just be careful that when your man tells you about his preferences, show your keenness. This interest of yours in him will thrill him and make him feel over the moon.

10. Take out time for him

Giving time to someone is the best gift you can give. If a guy is important to you, you should take time out for him. Remember to keep your phone away when he is around, as engaging on your screen is really disrespectful to the loved one, and he might feel bad. So talk about each other and maybe go on a long drive together to spend quality time with the man who has invested so much of his time and resources just to make you happy.

11. Support him

The best you can do for your partner is to support him in all walks of life. If he is having a tough time at work or with his friends, rather than criticizing him, be a pillar of support, and he will always remember the care that you provided to him in times of need.

12. Compliment him

There is no one on the planet who does not like some good compliments. When he is wearing a soothing blue shirt, let him know that he looks great. If he has gone out of his way to celebrate your birthday, acknowledge his efforts. These gestures might sound unimportant to you, but he might be expecting them, and it would be good if you make the right moves at the right time. He is your man, and it is your responsibility to take care of his feelings.

13. Buy him some nice gifts

Gifts are a great way to establish healthy connections with your loved ones. Thus gift therapy works for men too. Buy his favorite perfume or get his name carved on a wallet, and he is surely going to fall for you once again. Not only this, he will feel great and valued when he sees that you have gone out of your way to give him something special.

14. Listen to him

A man always wants you to listen to him. Imagine if someone doesn’t listen to you at all, will you be able to carry on your relationship with them? Therefore if you also don’t listen to your partner, he won’t feel good about it and might call it quits sooner or later. So stop focusing solely on yourself and listen to what he has to say. His stories are important, and so to make him feel appreciated, you need to pay attention to his words too. 

15. Celebrate his achievements

Just as he celebrates your achievements, you should also sing his praises when he has attained any goal in life. There is no better way to make a guy feel loved and respected than this. So head straight to the gift shop and make all the preparations to cherish the best moments of your partner’s life.

Final thoughts

If a man has changed your life for the better, it is your responsibility to thank him through your actions. Use the subtle ways mentioned above to make him loved and appreciated. You two are made for each other. So, add up all the right elements in the equation to make your relationship a success that you can enjoy forever. 

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