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8 Effective Ways to Punish Your Child Without Hitting Them

8 Effective Ways to Punish Your Child Without Hitting Them

We live in the digital age where like everything else, the form of punishments you give to your child for their wrong behavior should also be smart. You can no longer discipline your kids by hitting them. This kind of violent reaction is old school and can do more harm than good, compelling your kids to behave more aggressively than before.

According to some expert pediatricians, Spanking makes kids more aggressive and does not help in controlling their misbehavior. Researchers also highlight that this form of physical punishment diminishes the quality of the parent-child relationship. So it is important that as a parent, you should plan your steps wisely, as one wrong move can ruin everything. 

To help you in the discipline game, we have come up with some practical ways to punish your child. Use them, and you can see the change in their behavior in no time.

How to punish your child the right way?

Training your child is important, but hitting is not the only option. What should you do then? There are many ways of punishment to keep your child’s personality in check. Some of them are:

1. Make them do chores

Assigning more tasks to your child is the best form of punishment. Firstly it will teach your child some basic life skills, and secondly, you get free help to complete your chores. Well, when the children realize that they have to help you out with some house work, they will definitely stay away from the mischiefs and harms that they have been planning for long.

2. Discontinue their pocket money

Pocket money is a good source of income for kids and, in many cases, gives them the autonomy to buy their favorite things. The threat to discontinue this important fund is bad news in itself and might force your child to behave nicely the next time your friends visit you or a guest is over at your place.

3. Confiscate their gadgets

For us, the basic necessity, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, was physiological needs, but for the kids of today, it is their gadgets. They can survive without air and water but not their phones. So take their gadgets and see how they are good to everyone around.

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4. Stop talking to them

Every parent is important to their child and so not talking to them is the best answer to the concern of how to punish your child. Stop replying to their questions and maybe make a sad face and they will automatically come and promise you to follow all the rules you have set for them.

5. Take away some previliges

Does your child get everything they point their finger at? If yes, this is how you have spoiled them. Now it’s high time you make the correction. Take away some privileges, and your child will start valuing what you say. The next time they don’t get to watch their favorite show is when they will know how to act nicely and listen to their parents.

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6. Don’t allow them to go out and play

Another healthy way to punish your child is to not allow them to go out and play at their designated time. When children see that all their friends are enjoying themselves, they feel they are at a loss and so will be more than eager to behave nicely the next time. Also, when their friends inquire about their absence, they will feel embarrassed and refrain from being naughty at any of your important events.

7. Reduce the gaming time

Another most important thing that kids look forward to these days is their gaming time. In case your kid is not listening at all, tell them that you plan to minimize their gaming hours, and they will soon come on track. Also, implement this if you think your child is taking you lightly. This threat is a big deal for them, and hence they will make sure to do everything you expect of them.

8. Cancel the weekend program

If your child is excited about the weekend program with their friends or a party at the mall and they think they will get away with all the mischiefs, cancel the program right away. They deserve to be punished for all their misconduct, and once you withdraw from any of the important events that your child is looking forward to, they will be extremely careful never to let you down in the future.

Final words

Punishing your child is important, else, they will think they can get away with everything. However, hitting or scolding them is not the only solution. This is the 21st century, and so you should know that if you hit your child, this action of yours might backfire, making your kids more stubborn and aggressive. Therefore use the smart methods mentioned above, and you can surely enjoy a better version of your kids soon!

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