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8 Signs of a Wife Material

8 Sure Signs of a Good Wife Material

Are you looking to settle down but are unsure whether your girlfriend is fit for marriage? Marriage is a serious task and one should only commit to it when one is guaranteed that the person they want to marry is the right fit. Just like the shoe fits Cinderella your partner should be the perfect match for you in order for your marriage to be successful

But how do you ensure that your girlfriend is wife material? There are certain qualities that define a woman as a good wife material. When choosing someone as your wife you should consider the following characteristics;

1. She embraces you wholeheartedly despite your flaws

No human being is without fault. Everyone makes mistakes but what matters is how they choose to move on from that. The right woman knows this and will never bring up your past mistakes and errors even when she is angry. She does not expect you to be perfect but rather embraces your imperfections. Any woman who is a wife material is mature enough to know that your flaws do not define who you are but the way you deal with them is what makes you a man.

2. She is your best friend

For your partner to become your future wife it is important that she becomes your friend first before you guys decide to commit for life. This is because as a friend she will be your confidante, companion as well as your lover. The bond of friendship creates ease and comfort amongst the couples and removes any reservations the two might have between them. You will not feel the need to have anybody else around you if your wife is your best friend. She will both be your romantic partner as well a friend in need.

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3. She gives you space

Not all girls are mature enough to understand that from time to time everyone needs some space including their partners. However, if your girlfriend is amongst those who knows the value of freedom and space then she is worth keeping and you should definitely marry her.

The right woman knows when to give her partner space and freedom to be on his own. She does not feel insecure about herself if she sees her partner asking to be on his own for a while. Therefore, if your girlfriend lets you have your alone time then this is a sign she is a wife material.

4. She takes interest in your hobbies

When you marry someone, you are essentially committing for life. This means that the person you are spending the most time with should take an interest in your activities. This shows that they care about you enough to learn about your hobbies. If you love watching football your partner will definitely make an effort to watch it with you even if she does not like the game. One of the signs of a wife material is that she will always try to make an effort for her husband and let him have his hobbies while also participating in them alongside him.

5. You have common values

While it may sound adventurous to be with someone who has different values and perception of life as opposed to you, it is not worthwhile in the long run. This is because a difference in belief system and values can cause a major rift between the two of you which might not be salvageable. This is also important for the future of your kids because different values and beliefs between mother and father creates confusion amongst the children as to their identities. It is, therefore, important to marry someone you have common values with.

6. She knows the importance of family

Your potential wife should be inclined towards family life and understands the value of family. She should not just focus on her career and pay all her attention to it but also should give time to her partner. After marriage you start a family with your wife. If that family comes secondary to your wife as compared to her professional life then she is not a good wife material. It will only leave you feeling miserable as she won’t ever be able to give you or your children time and attention.

7. She helps you with household chores

While doing household chores is not a gendered task that only women should be doing but as an adult, she should help you out with it. A marriage entails running a house and if your partner can’t help out with it then she is not a good wife material.

8. She stands with you through thick and thin

Of all the signs of a wife material, probably the most important is that she will remain by your side like a pillar even through the worst of your times. A good wife does not leave her husband just because things have gotten difficult. In fact, she takes care of him in his times of trouble and supports him in any which way she can. She does not run away from problems but rather tries to take matters in her hands so that her husband could get some relief.

How to know if she is ready for marriage?

If you want to commit to your girl for marriage then it is important to first have a talk with her regarding it. Marriage is a serious business and you should not rush it especially if you know your partner is not ready.

You should have a talk with her and understand what she wants. Only then you can decide if the person you are dating is also the one you should be marrying. Then you can just find the right time and place and put a ring on it!


It’s not easy finding someone that you can commit to for your entire life. However, if you look for certain qualities in a girl you will find the right one for you. It is important that you should be careful about who to marry because you won’t be able to spend time with someone who you cannot build a bond with.

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