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Signs of an Alpha Male

Everything You Need to Know About an Alpha Male

Everyone wants to be an alpha male but only a few exhibit qualities of one. At the top of the male social status hierarchy, alpha males are respected more and considered the top dogs in every situation. But the question is what exactly is an alpha male and how does someone become one? Read on to discover more.

What is An Alpha Male?

Alpha, as the name suggests, is the first and the foremost. The word “Alpha” was invented by the Greeks in 1000 BCE as the first letter of the alphabet. This symbolism eventually carried forward in the centuries that followed to be meant as the most dominant figure in a pack of wild animals and amongst the human race too. 

Alpha males are the ones that are at the top of the social hierarchy. They are the ones who call the shots and have a dominating presence. They have access to an abundance of money as well as power. Furthermore, they are authoritative figureheads who enjoy being in control and therefore make great leaders as well as figureheads. Alpha males have both physical prowess and intellect which makes them stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. 

To further elaborate, alpha males enjoy being in a position of power and are comfortable with high levels of responsibility. They also have the ability to capture the attention of people and are able to assert their influence on them. People, women in particular, find alpha males to be very attractive as a result of the qualities they possess. Women are generally tempted by men who can own a room full of people and are not afraid to express their masculinity.

Sings of An Alpha Male

If a man is an alpha male then it will be easily visible since such men have very extroverted personalities. Let’s discuss the signs of alpha males to further elaborate what sorts of traits an alpha male possesses;

He is self-confident and opinionated

Only a man with self-confidence and pride can be at the top of the chain. This is because to lead people one must be first assured of oneself. If one constantly questions themselves then nobody would ever take them seriously. Secondly, an alpha male is also not afraid to make himself heard and will never shy away from any conversation. They have a strong opinion about most things because as discussed above they are very intellectual.

He maintains eye contact

Alpha males have the tendency to own any space they walk into. They do this through several different ways. One of them is by maintaining eye contact with the person they are talking to. This is one of their ways of claiming space. Furthermore, when a male maintains eye contact throughout the entirety of a discourse it sends the message across that they know what they are talking about. Alpha males particularly make eye contact when they want to drive in a point or assess the reaction of the second party.

He has leadership qualities

Alpha males are typically authoritative and dominating figures who make exceptional leaders. They have the judgements of a leader and are not afraid to take on any challenges. Furthermore, since alpha males have the ability to influence and guide people they are able to occupy about 70% of all senior executive positions. They like to be in control of things as they feel stressed if they are not the ones making the decisions.

He does not shy away from challenges

Alpha males are never scared to face challenges. In fact, they thrive on them. They do not like when things are served to them on a platter. They want to strive and earn for everything in their lives. Moreover, they have the ability to conquer their fears and insecurities. It is not that they never face failures in life but rather they do not get demotivated by them. Alpha males are able to pick themselves up after any setbacks and get back into the race to overcome all obstacles.

His determination is remarkable

Men who are alphas are fiercely determined in their goals and aspirations. They are go-getters who do not like to just sit about and do nothing with their lives. One word that they are not accustomed with is quitting. Until alpha males achieve their goals they do not rest. They will get back up again and again until they get what they want.

He is honest and straightforward

Alpha males are never afraid to speak the truth. They call out people on their wrongdoings even if it is painful and difficult for them. Not only are they upfront about other people’s shortcomings but are also the first ones to point out their own flaws. Alpha males regard honesty as a core value of their success and achievements.

He is in control of his emotions

Alpha males have high emotional intelligence and therefore they have a great control over their emotions. They are able to manage their emotions exceptionally well. They also rationally deal with situations that otherwise are emotionally draining and distressing. In addition to this, they are good at reading emotions of other people so they deal with them accordingly.

He is protective

Alpha males are generally very protective of their loved ones. They will do anything to make sure that the people they love remain out of harm’s way. They are not controlling but they do any and everything in their power to keep their loved ones safe.

He is ambitious

Alpha males are very focused about their goals. They are ambitious people who are steadfast in achieving their goals and make new ones as they go. They never want to sit idle but rather are always working towards their success. Alpha males a career oriented and usually makes it to executive positions in firms.

He is particular about his appearance

Alpha males pay close attention to their appearance. They like to be well-groomed and well-presented. They are always in the best clothes and wearing the most expensive cologne. They never want to appear under dressed ever so they take particular care about their looks. In addition to this, they also focus on maintaining their posture in a way that allows them establish a firm footing. They have a particular body language such as that they always keep their chin up, back straight and maintaining eye contact.

He is a gentleman through and through

Alpha males have the utmost respect for females. They never treat them as unequal but rather are not afraid to ask for help from them if needed. He treats women with dignity and honor and always ensure that women feel safe around him. He listens to when a woman is talking and never disregards what they are saying.

He has good communication skills

Alpha males know how to maintain a conversation. They also have something interesting to share with people and for this reason people get attracted to them. They have great insights that usually benefits people who are listening to them.

Alpha Vs Beta Males

On the other end of the spectrum lies the beta males. Beta males are usually more emotional and introverted. While the alpha males are full of confidence beta males are shy and awkward. Alpha males also have a high level of self-esteem as opposed to beta males.

Furthermore, beta males do not have the leadership qualities that alpha males do. Beta males are usually good at following other people’s orders rather than imposing their own commands. For this reason, in relationships, beta males tend to let their partners take the lead. Whereas, alpha males are full of confidence and knows what they want from life. They are always ready to lead whether it is in a professional capacity or personal.

What it’s Like to be in a Relationship With an Alpha Male?

While alpha males do fall deeply in love they never form co-dependent relationships. They know better than to lose their identities to other people. They maintain a life beyond their relationships.

Moreover, they are always taking the lead in relationships because they like to. For example, they will be the first ones to arrange a date and take care of all the logistics regarding it. They take initiatives and lead from the front. They do not wait around for their girlfriends to ask them to do certain things together. 

In relationships, alpha males also makes it a point to never let their girlfriends walk all over them. They uphold their self-respect to the highest regard and therefore does not allow their girlfriends to disrespect them.

Since, alpha males are also emotionally intelligent they never do anything that might affect their relationship. For example, they maintain their cool even if things get heated up.


Previously, alpha males were construed to be macho, testosterone filled men who were arrogant and angry. However, as society is progressing alpha males are becoming more to mean a man who is humble yet he has authority. An alpha male is someone who can lead yet he is never demeaning to his subordinates.

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