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10 Tips to Follow If You are in a Long Distance Relationship

10 Tips to Follow If You Are in a Long Distance Relationship

In the present day and age, communication has become faster and easier, giving more channels of survival to long distance relationships. Although these relationships are restricted by geographical boundaries, the people involved can set some ground rules to maintain connections with one another.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, 60 percent of these kinds of relationships last. As per Laura Stafford’s book ‘Maintaining Long-Distance and Cross-Residential Relationships’, long-distance dating relationships are more firm than close-by affairs. These facts clearly highlight that if the right time and effort are put into your relations, then you can maintain healthier bonds and make the hearts grow fonder of the right person.

So to help you ace the long-distance relationship game, we have come up with some tips that you can follow and say goodbye to those separation thoughts that have been haunting you for long.

Tips that will add magic to your long distance relationship

The following tips are a sure-shot way to help you carry on with your far-off relationship with ease. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Make the most of the technological advancements

We all know the power of technology in the present, where you can get closer to your loved ones even if the distance is several hundred miles. Video calls, instant messages, voice notes and other technological developments have made real-time contact seamless.  Although these cannot fully replace the intimacy offered by geographically-close relationships, they still have eased the lives of couples to a high extent. Earlier, you had to wait for several days to get your message across, but now the tech era has made interactions possible in mere seconds, thus giving water to the fruit of your long-distance relationship. So install a good app, invest in a good connection, and there is no stopping you from making your relationship work – in fact, last forever.

2. Communicate regularly

Communication is the key to success in every kind of relationship. So even if you stay close to each other, you need to hold healthier conversations to make your bond stronger. The same rules apply to location-restricted associations. You need to have heart-to-heart chats to let the magic happen. Any loopholes will lead to misunderstandings. 

The best thing to do is discuss your routine, your family, your lifestyle- everything with your partner and the trust will develop itself. Also, you will have new things to talk about that will make your connections stronger. So engage in good talks or regular messages and be ready to enjoy the perks that tag along. 

3. Set some ground rules

There are a lot of expectations even when the partners live far apart. You need to set some boundaries when involved in a long-distance affair.  Set realistic expectations and also ask your partner to follow the same. Clearly state that your friends and family will hold significant value in your life as they live with you and you need their support. 

Also, set your goals and define a time limit. If your partner plans to carry out things in the same way forever, define your comfort over the issue and discuss things so that both of you are on the same page. Let them know what works for you and what doesn’t so that there are no misunderstandings and problems in the future and you can continue enjoying each other’s company in peace.

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4. Stay committed and honest with your partner

With long-distance commitments, your responsibility doubles. Be careful not to let the phenomenon of out of sight, out of mind take a toll on you, leading to cheating on your partner. As much as you want your lover to stay loyal to you, they also deserve devotion, and so you should not deviate from your responsibility as an honest companion.

First of all, be careful not to fall for someone else and even if you develop some unusual feelings for anybody, be honest and communicate it to the person who is dedicating their time and energy to please you even while living far away.  Remember that cheating is not acceptable at any cost.

5. Trust your better half

One other rule to carry out healthier relations when living in different parts of the world is to maintain trust. You want your space, and so you should give your partner theirs. Understand that just as you value your family and friends, they want the support of their relatives too, and so you should allow them to enjoy their company. 

The trust line is too delicate, and one mistake can ruin everything. If you love the other person and want the relationship to last, have faith in them and give them their space.

6. Respect each other’s schedule

 In long distance relationships, the lovers are not only restricted by boundaries but there are other constraints too that make survival difficult. These include different time zones, varied working hours, uncommon weekdays and holidays, and the list is endless. 

When you live in another country, you should always value your partner’s preferences as the laws of their country might be different from yours. Don’t expect them to attend your call during an important meeting. If you do so, you will be putting your relationship into trouble. Understand their situation and give them the leverage to stay in touch at their convenience.

7. Have a common strategy to maintain the spark in the relationship

Who says you cannot romance in relationships that are bound by geographical barriers. Technology comes into the picture here, where a video call can do wonders to freshen up your relationship. Identify your limit and then make a strategy to keep the romance alive. Remember, the right amount of passion in these types of connections is important and so make the most of the opportunities that you have, to keep your lover hooked.

Dress up for them, send them love notes, share your stories and do whatever they like. With all this, there is no chance that they will ever get bored and move out to seek love from elsewhere.

8. A digital date is the key to success

Engaging in a digital date is yet another way to ignite your love story. Dress up, set the mood through some candles and place your favourite wine on the table. Ask your partner to do the same, and be ready to have the fun of a lifetime. This way you will get a chance to know each other better. Also, it gives you an opportunity to create everlasting memories.

Moreover, this will satisfy your craving to spend quality time with your mate, leading to greater affection and gratitude for one another. So set everything aside and plan your digital date immediately to make the other person yours forever. 

9. Engage in fun activities

To further encourage social interactions, you and your soulmate should participate in fun activities together. This includes playing games, watching movies, going on virtual tours, working out together, etc. This will help you identify the interests that you both share, leading to more powerful connections.

Since a lot of your time is spent on your screen, why not make your lover a part of this time and grab the opportunity to strengthen your bond with each other. In no time you will experience the added energy in your relationship that you and your companion will cherish for long.

10. Send gifts on special occassions

Gift therapy always works if you want to initiate or maintain any kind of association with someone. If you send gifts as a token of love on your partner’s birthday or any other special occasion, they will definitely enjoy the importance. First of all, gifts are a great way to express your feelings and appreciation for them and secondly remembering them on important dates will make them feel loved and valued.

Thus don’t forget to hop onto the gift-giving journey to take your relationship to the next level. This is the best way to explicitly state your longing for your companion.

Parting words

You might have always thought that long-distance relationships don’t last for extended periods. Well, in the past, when communicating with people overseas was a hassle, this was quite true. But, with the advent of technology and many apps to your rescue, it’s time to put your fears aside. You can engage in your relations almost the same way as people living close by do.

Now that you know that long-distance relationships can work, why not add yours to the success story list. Remember that your partner is not going anywhere, and if you want to keep them in your life forever, follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy your tale of love, just like Elizabeth did in pride and prejudice. 

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