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How to Know If He is the Right Man for You?

Here’s How to Know If He Is the Right Man For You

Dating can be scary, especially in this digital age when there is no absolute way of knowing if the online persona of someone matches their offline self. In a world where terms like catfishing and fuckboy exist it often becomes difficult to ascertain if the guy you are dating is right for you. 

Even more so, as women, you want to stay clear of guys who might become a liability for you in the future. Therefore, you want to ensure that the person you are dating currently is the one before investing any more of your energy and time and committing to someone who is not the right man for you.

Here are some ways of knowing if he is the right man for you;

He prioritizes you above everyone and everything

A man who genuinely cares for you and is in it for the long run will put you above everything. This does sound like a cliché but it is very true. When a man makes you his number one priority it means that you are the most important person in his life. Furthermore, it goes to show that he is scared of losing you so he wants to make sure that you feel wanted and understood.

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He proudly posts you on his social media

Men who are secure in their relationships and proud of the girl they are dating are never afraid to show her off on their social media. He is a keeper if he lets the world know that you are his girl because when men hide their relationships it is a big red flag and it usually means that they are looking to get involved with other girls.

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He gives you space

When people are in a relationship they often become codependent. This can be suffocating especially if you are someone who values individuality and personal space. While your partner should be involved in your life, however, sometimes all you need is some time to yourself. Your boyfriend will never take it personally and will allow you to have that kind of freedom.

He does not take you for granted

One important thing to consider when deciding if he is the right man for you is to know if he takes you for granted or not. The right man will always know your worth and will value you. Taking someone for granted just means treating someone as disposable and thinking you will not be held accountable for your actions because the other person loves you way too much. However, if he is truly the one for you he will be conscious of how he treats you and will never think even for a moment that you will not leave him if he messes up.

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He is not afraid to show emotions

The right man will never be afraid to express his feelings for you. Contrary to popular belief that masculinity is not defined by how reserved a man is in showing his emotions. Men who are secure in themselves are never afraid to be vulnerable in front of their partners. This is a huge green flag not only does he express his love for you but also reveals his vulnerable side to you. This just shows that he trusts you enough to let himself be vulnerable and expressive in front of you.

It’s all in the details

If your man remembers all the tiny little details you have been telling him throughout your relationship then he is the one for you. This is because it shows how much he values you and gives you importance. You will not have to repeat yourself again and again to the right man in order to feel heard and understood. It also shows that he cares way too much about you to let slip even a minor detail about you.

Actions speak louder than words

The right man will always deliver on his promises. He does not only tell you he loves you but shows you through his actions. These actions do not just mean grand gestures of romance but also small acts of love which people often overlook.

For example, if you told your man that you have had a long day at work and he sets everything aside to hear you out and tries to make you feel better perhaps by taking you to eat. It is in these small acts of love that you realize that he is the right person for you.

It’s the thought that counts

You know he is the right man for you when you want to share the good news with someone and he is the first person that comes to your mind. Or, perhaps, at the end of a long day he is the one you yearn for to take off your load.

When someone becomes so important that you want to share your highs and lows with them they are the ones to keep. This is because they have done something right to gain your trust enough that you feel at home with them. You consider him as your safety net and your comfort zone.

You are in his future plans

Whenever he talks about his future he always includes you in his plans. It is always “us” with him and not “I”. He can no longer imagine a life where you do not exist. Moreover, he takes into account your future plans as well and aligns his with yours. Your future goals align with his and he ensures that you do not have to compromise on anything, especially your happiness.

How to find the right man?

Your heart will know when the right guy will come around. You should focus on working on yourself and your career. It is important to know oneself in order to fully understand your boundaries, wants and needs. This awareness only comes when you work towards polishing your personality and building a career. So, when you are sure of what you want from a guy you will be better able to make the decision if a man is truly the one for you based on whether he is contributing towards your life positively or not.


While it is a daunting thought to commit to one person, it is good to know who the right man is for you when he comes around. There are many things to consider when deciding on the right man. The simple answer to it is if your heart’s content with him then you know he is the one for you.

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