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Top 9 Reasons Why Men Have Affairs

Top 9 Reasons Why Married Men Have Affairs

Stereotyping the affairs of men would be a huge mistake on our part. As a society, we have witnessed countless examples where women also indulge in affairs before and after marriages. However, when a woman is about to tie a relationship with a man or already has one, she must know all the reasons that compel men to have affairs. After all, you can’t afford to lose your love when it becomes quite serious. 

Currently, ample research shows men are more likely to cheat than women. In fact, 20% of the men confessed to cheating compared to 13% of the women. So, relationship counselors are often bombarded with questions about this behavior. Women want to know why men have affairs and the signs to watch out for.

If you are in the same boat, you should stay well-informed. This blog lists all the reasons why men cheat. Study them to examine the behavior of your man. Then, take the necessary steps to rectify these behavioral slips. 

Let’s scan the reasons first:

1. They can’t develop a connection

Despite what society tells us, men also need to feel loved and connected. The lack of connection from their current partner often hurts and encourages them to seek comfort elsewhere. Notably, men seem to have a lower social support system than women. Females typically share an emotional connection with their friends. In contrast, men are not comfortable talking about feelings and emotions. 

Therefore, when men find a woman at their workplace or in any other setting with whom they seem to have a connection, they tend to become involved in an affair. 

2. They want to cheat as a revenge

Some men also cheat out of anger, jealousy, or a desire for revenge. Even if their partner hasn’t cheated on them, they must have done some act that makes them angry. The initial move is made by their female counterpart, which makes them lose their nerves. 

This reason for indulging in an affair is completely unjustified. Spouses and partners need to sort their problems with mutual discussion and understanding. 

3. They have sociopathic or narcissist traits

If a partner cheats on another, sociopathic behavior is possible. These are the people who cant understand the circumstances of others. Although not every individual who suffers from this disorder will display a full-blown narcissistic personality, it is evident in certain behaviors. Women who question why do men have affairs should look for these personality traits in their partners. It is better to seek professional help or end the relationship to ensure emotional and physical security.

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4. They struggle with substance abuse

There is a strong likelihood of cheating if men suffer from substance abuse. They may be caught in situations where they have no chance but to indulge in an affair. For instance, a man who depends on a dealer for his drugs may have an affair with the dealer’s daughter to ensure his drug supply is constant. When men become impulse-driven, they have lower control over themselves and act immaturely.

There are several examples where men got involved in affairs after a friend introduced them to drugs. Even generally, addiction is quite dangerous as it causes relationship problems. The addict eventually secludes himself from his loved ones and ends up in a miserable state.

5. They distract themselves from a midlife crisis

Getting attention from someone other than their partners boosts their confidence. They understand that their age is growing and don’t appeal to their partners similarly. This is one of the main reasons why married men have affairs. The humdrum of life gets to him, and he starts questioning his self-worth. 

In this state of mind, if a man gets the attention of another woman, he starts feeling a higher sense of self-worth. This irresistible urge compels them to indulge in extramarital affairs.

6. They find their ex

Most men and women who have been in a relationship in their lives feel the temptation to rekindle the romance. The reignition of an old affair could trigger memories from the past. Many men strongly pull toward their ex and indulge in affairs even after marriage. 

Given that life becomes monotonous after some time, this becomes a potential reason that men get involved in affairs. When asked why do men have affairs, most of them answered how they found their lost love after getting married. 

7. They seek intellectual stimulation

It is typical for men to feel attracted to beauty. However, many fail to match their mental level with their partners. For example, a married man often lacks intellectual stimulation around his wife. The boring life and hectic routine doesn’t allow them to discuss intellectual aspects of life. He seeks someone from the same educational mindset to talk to and argue about highly intellectual elements.

When a man finds a woman who shares the same corporate passion or wants to grow her knowledge and skills, they find a unique attraction and indulge in the affair.

8. They want validation

The feeling of insecurity is one of the main reasons why men have affairs. If they don’t receive an acknowledgment from their partners, they feel discouraged and look for validation elsewhere. This is because a man wants to feel in a position of power. If his counterpart fails to appreciate his contributions, the man will seek validation from other women.

9. They are emotionally strong

Emotional immaturity is one of the primary reasons why men have affairs. This is evident even when they get involved in extramarital affairs. Marriage is a sacred institution where a man and a woman must respect and love each other unconditionally. Nonetheless, some men would get involved in affairs because of their emotional weaknesses. It becomes too late when the woman learns about this affair.

In some cases, men tend to blame women for these affairs. They state that their partner’s lack of attention or love was the reason for being involved in these affairs. Partners need to develop a bonding of trust. When there is a strong emotional connection among the partners, they are less likely to make such mistakes.

Parting notes

When starting a new relationship, it is essential to send some ground rules. You and your partner must discuss all the potential challenges that wait around the corner. Learn how you will overcome these obstacles and maintain a relationship of trust and understanding. It is important to understand how you will maintain this relationship on a strong foundation. Examine your personalities and discuss how you can keep the spark alive. 

Even though men are more susceptible to cheating than women, you can make this relationship work with your love and diligence. When your man feels connected to you, he will ensure he is always faithful and respectful.

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