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11 Subtle Signs a Guy is Attracted to You

11 Subtle Signs a Guy is Attracted to You

Getting hurt by someone seems like a nightmare. You don’t want to fall for anybody and realise later on that the person considers you a friend only. This means you were wrong in comprehending their feelings, and now you have fallen for them, and so you are just going to hurt yourself. 

It is quite important that you are 100% sure before moving one step further in the relationship game. Observe everything carefully, and once you are satisfied and think that you have feelings for the guy too, then only move ahead to save yourself from heartbreak. 

To give you the superpower of reading the heart and mind of the guy, we have come up with the following signs. Look for them in the boy who stays around you to be sure that he likes you.

Top hints to look for when judging a guy’s liking towards you

The following signs will tell you clearly if your male friend is seriously into you. Take the hints to decide the further steps accordingly.

1. Takes your side

Do you hang out with your friends every now and then, and there is this one male friend of yours who takes your side in everything? If yes, there are chances that he has fallen for your beautiful smile. He simply thinks that you are right every time and so becomes defensive when someone talks against you when there is an argument. This move is quite understandable as he is trying to impress you and his love for you compels him to state that you are Miss Right.

2. Offers to buy you things

Love has no boundaries, and the person in love with you will try to get you the stars too. Well, this might sound like an exaggerated version, but if you have been eying a phone for days and you have shown the wish to buy it, the guy who is interested in you will definitely offer to purchase it for you. Don’t brush off his feelings because he might get hurt. If you don’t want it from his money, there are good ways of saying no and still maintaining your relationship with the person. So be nice because, after all, he might be an acquaintance, and you don’t want to ruin it all.

3. Talks to you about his plans and future

Has your male colleague suddenly started discussing his future plans with you? If yes, don’t get surprised and consider it to be another sign of him being interested in you. He might be telling you about his idea of moving to a foreign country for higher studies to get your opinion on the same. If you show him some interest, he might even confess his feelings for you. If not, wait and watch, he is taking his time, the day is near when he will express his feelings to you.

4. Gets jealous when you talk to other guys

Do you sense that a guy in your group always feels bad when you talk to other men? Well, the news for you is that he is definitely into you, and his jealousy is a proof of it. The chances are that he may approach you to warn of these males and may highlight their negative traits too. This is his way of keeping you away from them. 

In such cases, instead of feeling angry or awkward, take the sign and plan your steps accordingly. If you also like him, you will have to assure him of your love. If he gets aggressive, be careful because possessiveness sometimes leads to negative consequences that might make you suffer in the longer run. So don’t ignore the signs and take all your decisions wisely.

5. Find reasons to touch you

A slight pulling of the cheek, a pat on your head, a touch on the nose, or maybe an attempt to hold your hands- if you are experiencing any of these initiatives to get closer to you, then be sure the guy doing these likes you.  Alisha Powell, a therapist and social worker, also has a similar claim where she states that a guy who holds your hand or wraps his arm around is showing his interest in you.

Well, these small gestures are surely cute, and you can enjoy them if you like him too. If not, ask him to stay away and show your uneasiness so that he avoids doing so in the future.

6. Makes eye contact with you

According to a study posted in the Archives of sexual behavior, there is a clear relationship between eye gaze and romantic interest. So now, if you find someone looking right into your eye during every conversation, take the hint. This sense of attraction might at times make you feel uncomfortable, but then at least you would know the intentions of the other person that he is attracted to, and you can expect them to express their feelings soon.

7. Remembers every detail about you

Do you remember what you had for breakfast this morning? With life moving on like a roller coaster ride, keeping track of things is quite difficult. But then there’s this one man on the planet who remembers what you wore to the party three weeks ago. He is noticing every detail about you and recalling little things too. If this is the case, he undoubtedly has a crush on you. One piece of advice here is if he is good-looking, take advantage of the situation and say ‘yes’ as soon as he discloses his feelings for you.

8. Tries to impress you

Today’s men know that a girl does not want to hang around with a guy who dresses shabbily or walks poorly. The presentation and actions of a man are important for females. This is one reason that boys usually try to dress well when in love. So the next time he puts a little more effort into his appearance to get noticed by you or wears a fancy perfume, you can safely take it as one of the signs he finds you attractive. If the scent is nice, you can feel free to be impressed and try to get to know him more if you want to get into some sort of a bond with him.

9. Compliments you on almost everything

Imagine going on an impromptu outing with your friends. The probability is that you will just go out without paying much attention to your looks, and if a guy comes and still compliments you, then it’s fair to imagine that he is attracted to you. This is because he can see your natural beauty through your uncombed hair or your pajamas. Well, if he doesn’t pay much attention to your appearance, he is a serious prospect and should be offered some space in your thoughts if you are looking for a reliable partner.

10. Inquires about your relationship status

Only three people will be interested in your relationship status: your mom, your best friend, and the guy who is interested in you. Thus if your male friend asks you about any other serious relationships in your life, know that he is trying to give you hints of his love. He is eager to know if you are committed or not so that he can proceed with expressing his feelings for you. So, in case you are single, be ready – your proposal might just come by the end of this week.

11. His friends know about you

One of the clear signs he is attracted to you is that his friends know about you even before you have met them. They might give you hints on your first meeting with them. They will also try to leave you two alone in a room if the guy has told them about your importance in his life. Acknowledge his struggles and take the right moves so that you too can enjoy your life in case you consider him to be a good dating prospect.

Final thoughts

It is always good to be loved and admired by people. The feeling gives you confidence and makes your life beautiful. But then you always want to find someone who is a perfect match, is compatible with you, and has good nature. The probability is that you might have this kind of a person in your friends. You like him, and he also seems attracted, but then you are not 100% sure if it’s his kindness or his liking for you that makes you feel so special when he is around. Use the above-mentioned signs and observe the actions of the person. You will soon be in a better position to judge his intentions. 

Once you are sure, go ahead and make him a part of your life if you really like him. You will surely enjoy every moment with this man who has been going out of his way all this time to make you feel on top of this world.

Dr. Quratul Ann Ghori

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