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7 Ways to Deal with Mood Swings in a Relationship

7 Ways to Deal with Mood Swings in a Relationship

Are you in a relationship where everything is just perfect in the morning, and within a blink of an eye, out of nowhere, your partner loses control over their anger? You start thinking about what went wrong and blaming yourself for no good reason. Don’t worry, your partner is suffering from a mood swing, and you can play your part well to carry your relationship on good terms. Well, there is a little hard work and patience involved, but you should bear with it if you plan to stay with the love of your life.

So, before discussing how to deal with a person with mood swings, let’s first analyze why these mood swings occur and why your partner deserves a soft corner before you decide to part ways or at least take a break.

Mood swings could be due to sleep deprivation, low blood sugar, stress, hormonal imbalance, dementia, thyroid issue, certain medication, or anything similar. Since your partner is already suffering, punishing them for their mood highs and lows is not completely justified, and so you need to give them at least one chance. Most of the time, they don’t even realize what is happening and so can’t control the emotional changes that have led to the misbehavior with you. 

So, now that you are planning to deal with your partner’s mood swings, let’s look at the ways that can help you handle your relationship perfectly.

1. Have regular conversations with your partner

The mood swings are definitely affecting you, and so you should make your partner aware of the same. This will make them realize that their mood change is harming you and your mental peace. Just try not to lose your calm while having a conversation, as this will make matters worse.

Also, do not be confrontational, demanding the reason for your partner’s rude behavior. This will add to the misery ruining your plan to find a solution to the problem. You just need to involve yourself in a healthy discussion so that your partner stays a bit mindful the next time something triggers their mood.

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2. Express your concern

They say that love conquers all, and so to deal with a moody partner, practicing compassion is the key to success. While having a conversation in the non-mood-swing period, make sure that you remind your partner of the love and concern you have for them. Since your loved one is already going through a rough phase, your kind words will work wonders and make your bond stronger. 

Don’t miss a single chance to make them feel important. This will help them overcome the problems they are facing, and you never know, it might limit the frequency of mood swings your partner faces.

3. Offer your help

Remember that one thing that can turn all the tables in your relationship’s favor is the level of help you offer to your mate. Identify the cause of the mood disorders and then offer help accordingly. Say, for example, your partner’s mood swings are due to some stress or family issue, act as a pillar of support for them and offer them comfort. If your partner’s working hours are long, take some home-related responsibilities on your shoulders to lessen their burden. This way, they will be able to combat the issues they are facing and so will try to act patiently most of the time. Constantly inquire about what can help them in reducing their levels of stress or facing family issues. For example, if your partner is worried about making ends meet or their sister’s wedding costs, offer financial and moral support to make them feel better.

4. Don’t blame yourself

Imagine your partner has had the latest episode of mood swing where they are stating you to be at fault. Remember, people in such conditions don’t always realize the damage they are doing to their partners. So a humble piece of advice here would be to not take things personally. Maybe you both are too close, and your partner feels comfortable with you the most. So blaming you for any of the issues that are bothering them, is normal. 

If you don’t take things at heart, you will be at peace, and things will get back to normal as soon as the temperamental period is over. One more thing to bear in mind is that try to be forgiving, the more you can forgive your partner for a mental state that is beyond their control, the higher the chances of the relationship being successful.

5. Identify your partner’s triggers

The most important aspect of how to deal with mood swings is to identify the triggers that switch on the angriness button. If your partner is worried about handling and managing their finances, it’s highly likely that they will have mood disorder sessions at the end of the month, where your spending is getting restricted. Similarly, a problem in the family can be triggered by coming across a person. So try to discover the weak links and ensure you are there for your partner at those sensitive moments. Also, when you know the triggers, you can easily avoid the encounters and lead a more peaceful life. Therefore, start noticing and prevent breaking bad news or asking favors at those points so that the mood swing moment is not watered to grow.

6. Give time to yourself

Since now you have to deal with a moody partner along with taking some of the responsibilities on your shoulders, you might feel stressed or overworked at times. Also, being blamed every now and then can have a negative impact on your mental health. So make sure to give time to yourself. You can go for healthy activities like yoga and exercise to pamper yourself and get the royal treatment you deserve. The more you are at peace, the better you will be able to handle your partner and the circumstances.

7. Seek outside help

Seeking help from professionals is the effective route when you are looking for answers on how to deal with someone with mood swings. The therapists know their job well and will use tried and tested methods rather than applying the hit and trial rule. They know the trigger points more than you, and since they have experience so they may be more pro at eliminating the root cause of the mood swings instead of finding temporary solutions to mood-related problems. With the right treatment and care, your partner is definitely going to master the art of controlling their mood in no time, and this will help you lead the perfect life that you have always dreamt of.

Parting words

To deal with mood swings is a challenging task and so requires patience. Once you have identified the ideal way to help your partner cope and you know the triggers, you will be in a better position to save your relationship. Since the person in question is the love of your life, putting in the right effort will be worth it. If you think you cannot work around it alone, seek help from experts. You and your partner deserve a chance, and so make every effort to give it to both of you so that instead of parting ways, you two can live peacefully together. 

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