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6 Excellent Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

6 Excellent Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Have you ever experienced a breakup? Well, a breakup definitely hurts and impacts your health physically and mentally. But then, rather than blaming yourself, it is better to let the other person suffer. If that person has cheated on you or is toxic, they should be punished. You deserve the best in life and will find someone who is 100 times better.

According to research, an average American adult has experienced around three major relationship break-ups and spent above 1.5 years getting over them. Isn’t this a lot of wasted time on someone who is simply not worth it? Instead of feeling distressed, you should give your ex a lesson of their life through some brutal yet secretive revenge. 

And to help you ease your sufferings and give the wrong-doers some punishment, we have come up with the best ways that will offer you some peace and happiness. Use them, and you will see that the person who hurt you will always be in an unpleasant and awkward situation.  

Excellent Ways to Take Revenge from Your Past Love

1. Stay happy and let them know about it

People usually cannot stand others who are happy around them. If you seem happy and content, the chances are this will make your ex feel uneasy. So the key to success is to be happy and show it off to the world. 

This has benefits – first of all, you will come out of the depression period quickly, and secondly, you will feel satisfied seeing your ex uncomfortable who was expecting you to react otherwise. Therefore, time to be loud and clear and make people realize that their leaving from your life was actually beneficial and is giving you pleasure, where you are enjoying every bit of it.

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2. Let people know about their reality

This might seem a bit childish to you but then teaching a lesson to your former mate is important. You need to tell the world about their nature as well as the wrong-doings they have done to damage your personality. If the need arises, you may also inform their current partner. This will automatically take your revenge and also save one more life from getting spoiled. Our advice here is not to get that printed on a billboard but make sure that they are everywhere on social media, getting all the fame for their ugly habits.

3. Block them

One of the best ways to get revenge on your ex is to move on. You should pull down all your pictures taken together from social media, block them on your phone and other communication apps, as well as change your surname or nickname in case you had chosen one when you were with them. Make sure there is no point of contact between you two, and pretend that you have forgotten them. 

This will make them more curious, and the probability is that their life will be disturbed. Blocking them is also important to offer you some mental peace and let you get back to life after they have left.

4. Flirt with others when they are around

If your ex is still in your friends circle, the best way to make them realize their mistake is by flirting with others in front of them. They won’t be able to stand your moving on in life, and the jealousy will also boil their blood. This way, you will also have someone by your side, and your group of mates will not cut off with you on their advice. Maybe they will get detached from the crowd for ruining your life.

5. Date their friends

This is one step further in the revenge game. If their friends are cute, you can date one of them to make your ex more jealous, making them regret breaking up with you. Their friends will share even the minute details of their life, and the probability is that this will make them feel uneasy, and soon they will consider leaving you as the biggest mistake of their life. 

So find a beautiful partner and make sure your ex finds out about it as soon as you two become a couple. Also, sharing pictures together is a good idea. This eye for an eye type of revenge will keep them on their toes all the time.

6. Vent your feelings

Another great way to get revenge on your ex is by confronting them openly. Just try to maintain your tone if there are people around because if you shout at them in front of others, your message might not get across, and people may also blame you for this one-time reaction. So stay cool and calm and vent your feelings in a way that you also get mental peace.

According to Clinical psychologist, Leon F. Seltzer, getting emotionally entangled in what happened to you will not let you think very clearly of what can be done about the situation. So it is better to vent your feelings and make other people suffer rather than punishing yourself.

Parting thoughts

All your life, you may be hearing that taking revenge is not a good thing. But then people should know they cannot do away with their evil intentions if they mess up with you. One benefit of taking revenge on your ex is that they deserve punishment and so they should get a taste of their own medicine, and secondly, they will think twice before betraying anyone else in the future.

The result of all the actions where you might want them to learn a lesson might also offer you some peace of mind and let you overcome the feelings of distress with ease. In the course of making them jealous, you might even find a loyal partner who understands you better and promises to stay with you. 

The above-mentioned ways are surely going to make your past lover realize that they have made a huge mistake and will suffer every minute for leaving or cheating on you for no good reason. So fasten your seat belts, the culprit has to pay the price for every moment they have made you suffer.

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