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8 Signs She is Secretly Attracted to You

8 Signs She is Secretly Attracted to You

Are you noticing a sudden change in one of your female friends? She might be taking interest in whatever you do, and although you may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but then you also like being important. Well, at times, you might be right that she is interested in you. In other cases, she has just gotten much friendlier, and your gut feeling might be wrong.

So before proceeding to a yes or no, one step further in the game is to be actually sure if the lady is attracted to you. If she is and is cute too, you two can quickly become a couple and enjoy each other’s company more.

There are many signs a woman is attracted to you. You just need to take the hints, and you will be in a better position to plan the future with her if you like her too. So let’s look at these secretive messages that should not be ignored at any cost.

Signs she likes you and wants to be an essential part of your life

1. She checks on you regularly

The woman who likes you will constantly check on your well-being. She will also be concerned if you tell her that you are sick or are visiting your dentist for a dental emergency. She will find ways to care for you and pay visits at the home or the hospital. 

Apart from visiting, she will bring food for you, give you reminders to take your medicine on time, and will always be pushy about taking enough rest. So it’s better to pay heed to the signs she is attracted to you and enjoy the special treatment you are being offered by a person who definitely likes you.

2. She starts taking an interest in your life

A girl who wants to know about your favorite dish, your hobbies, your likings, your goals, your aspirations, in fact, everything about you is not just passing her time, she adores you and is expecting to be with you in the future too. She wants to know your likes and dislikes to get on the same page in life with you while also impressing you by doing what you prefer.

Also, signs of female attraction involve showing interest in knowing your family so that if she gets a chance, she will make them her fan by buying them gifts or sending them their favorite food.

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3. She cooks food for you

Only the girl who is attracted to you will prepare some mouth-watering dishes for you. So if you are getting those gooey brownies every now and then with the best packing ever, take the hint that she is into you and make a way towards your heart through fulfilling your dessert cravings. 

Therefore, the next time you receive a food parcel at your office, don’t ignore the sign and at least call her for a thank you that she deserves for all her efforts to impress you.

4. She compliments you

Are you wearing the same old shirt but are getting complimented for it? Don’t worry, my friend, someone likes you, and so your old shirt is also forcing her to praise your looks. Also, if your lecture to a friend is admired or your ideas seem just too perfect to her, be sure that you have a fan who simply chooses to ignore your flaws and, apart from liking you, likes your actions too. Take the sign or disregard it, the option is yours but remember you have stolen a heart, and your every move is being scrutinized.

5. She dresses impressively to get noticed by you

Earlier, you felt that this female friend of yours always dressed so simply, but now she dresses to kill. You might be questioning yourself why you are noticing her attire more than ever. This can be partially because you have developed feelings for her, but the main reason is that there is a prominent change in her style and looks, especially when you two have a gathering planned together. Hence be sure that all her efforts are to get your attention and make you her man.

6. She always takes your side

In a huge gathering, if you feel that everyone is opposing you except one female, then she is definitely into you. First of all, she thinks that you are always right, and secondly, she will never allow anyone to let you down. A piece of advice here is that if the girl is seriously defending you against all odds, then consider her for a relationship, as she will be your best support throughout your life.

7. She finds reasons to get close to you

Have you just talked to her, and still, she is calling you for small things? When someone likes you, the urge to call you every now and then is quite natural. Also, one of the signs she finds you attractive includes looking for reasons to touch you. She is not just giving you hi-fi every time you crack a lame joke because she liked it, it is her attraction towards you that is forcing her to get closer to you and find excuses to touch you. 

So the next time your hand is touched, or you feel that she is sitting quite close to you, take the hint and express your feelings (if you like her) without second thoughts.

8. She appears jealous when you talk to other women

Jealousy is a negative trait, but it’s quite natural, and the person experiencing it might not have any control over it. So if your female friend gets touchy when you talk to other girls, instead of overreacting, respect her feelings. But remember only to entertain her if you like her, else you will lose a friend too.

Also, if she fits into your dream girl category, you can make her feel uneasy by talking to other women but don’t stretch it, else things might backfire. The chances are that this uncomfortable feeling might compel her to confess her feelings, and you can be 100% sure that she is attracted to you only.

Final thoughts

Being loved by someone is a great feeling, and once you start noticing these signs, life will get beautiful. If a girl is interested in you, she will go out of her way to make things pleasant for you, and so it is your responsibility to make her feel the same way. Don’t hesitate to say thank you where it is due and appreciate their going out of their way just to make you happy.

Once you are damn sure, you can even go about expressing your feelings for her without wasting a second. This way, you will get a partner who cares for you, and you can then enjoy the upcoming years of your life with someone you have known for long and are sure that she will do everything to add beauty to your life. So tell her you like her too, buy a ring and make her yours forever!

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