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How to Charm a Woman?

How to Charm a Woman and Make Her Fall For You?

Attraction comes easy but love is a slow process. It brews over time. Making a woman fall in love with you takes effort, commitment, and time. But most importantly it takes a lot of emotional intelligence. If you like a woman but she does not reciprocate the feelings, be smart enough to leave her alone. You cannot coerce someone into loving you.

However, if the woman you are attracted to shares the same feelings, do not just wait for love to happen magically. Show her that you like her. Make efforts to get to know her and spend time with her. If you have never charmed a woman before, or if you are just bad at it, do not despair. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to win a woman’s heart. 

Dress to please

You do not have to buy expensive clothes or accessories to look good. You can have the most sophisticated sense of style, but if your hygiene is poor it is an immediate turn-off. Make sure you are tidy and smell good. Take a shower and use deodorant regularly. Use a good cologne as well. Keep your hands and feet clean and moisturized. 

Other than keeping yourself clean, it is important to keep your surroundings tidy as well. Clean up after yourself. 

Listen to her

Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. And it starts with listening. Being a good listener shows that you actually care about her and want to learn more about her. Try to remember the little details she tells you. It is the little things that make women fall in love. 

When a woman is venting about a problem, do not attempt to solve it for her to make her feel better. Just listen to her and comfort her. Do not rush her into feeling better by giving unsolicited advice. Give her a hug or offer to do something for her so that she can rest. 

Compliment her

Who does not enjoy getting compliments? Women love to get compliments that are genuine. If you are still getting to know a woman, complimenting her would make her feel at ease with you. 

Do not wait for a special day like birthdays and anniversaries to praise her. Compliment her daily; about her work, personality, intelligence, and looks. If she has changed her style or dressed differently, make sure to praise her for it. This will show her that you do notice her and think about her.

Complementing her in front of your friends and family will also make her feel valued and special. It will also ease her discomfort around meeting your friends or family.  

Make her laugh

Women generally like men who have a sense of humor and are witty. You do not have to be a comedian to charm a woman. The idea is to be playful and fun with her. Have lighthearted and goofy conversations. 

If she is having a bad day, a silly joke can make her feel a little better. However, do not make insensitive jokes or make jokes about her insecurities. Always be kind. 

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Give her space

Being in love with you should not mean that she cannot have a life outside of this relationship. This stands true for you as well. Spend quality time with her but also spend some time away from her. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Go hang out with your friends, learn a new skill, or do something you enjoy doing alone. 

Similarly, encourage her to do the same. It will only enrich your relationship with her. 

Speak your heart out

If you really want a woman to fall in love with you, let her know you well from the inside out. Be vulnerable at times and let your emotions speak from the core of your heart. Because, when a woman sees the emotional side of you, she will understand that you have a soft side hidden only for her. This hidden side might become a key to winning her over. She will understand and feel as if she has a sole connection to your heart and soul.

So, be at it and let the woman of your dreams catch your emotions!

Be reliable and dependable

Women are delicate souls and they need to know that their partners are reliable and dependable in their time of need. Your partner has to make sure if life leaves her high and dry, you will be her Phillip Philips to make her well! And she has to know that you will be her John Legend to love her curves and all her edges in the difficult times of her life. Make her feel like you will always be there to pick her up when she stumbles. 

So, be there when she needs you, with a positive attitude and a chivalrous spirit. In this way, she will get to know that you are a reliable partner who would always give her a shoulder to lean on. This quality of yours will eventually form a bond of trust and a sense of security between both fellows.

Respect her as an equal

Respect comes above all. And, this should be the motto of your relationship. No matter how much you love your partner, if respect is at stake, your partner would never feel comfortable around you. Nowadays, men and women both are treated as equals. It doesn’t matter who earns more or works harder, respect your partner keeping all your differences aside. Make her feel like she is your first priority and all your loyalty lies with her. 

Surprise her often

Adventure and fun will add some sugar spice to your relationship and make everything nice! So, keep the spirits alive by going on memorable dates, or getting her romantic gifts. This tip will always make your relationship healthy and exciting. But, make sure you don’t make her feel outside of her comfort zone whenever you plan a surprise for her. Know her priorities and plan accordingly. 

It doesn’t matter what you have planned, as long as you put all your effort into it. If you want to play safe, a picnic by the seaside or a romantic movie in the cinema might pull her under your love spell.

Put her first

Women always love the feeling of being your number one priority. But, making her your utmost priority doesn’t mean you have to disregard your friends and family. It simply means that you put her desires, needs, and wants before your own. This selfless care will make her believe that she is the only one that you desire the most, respect the most, and love the most. 

Are You Ready to Make Her Yours?

Since we have given all the possible tips to help you win her over, now is the time for you to make your move. The formula to charm a woman is quite simple. Win her with your actions not just by your looks. Address her with respect, give her priority, and love her unconditionally. Try to take the best out of her and ignore her flaws. This way, you will definitely make the women of your dreams fall for you. 

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