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10 Simple Tips to Make Your Husband Miss You Like Crazy

10 Simple Tips to Make Your Husband Miss You Like Crazy

Marriage is a special kind of relationship. You want to spend your whole life with that person, but you don’t want to be too clingy. Likewise, you wish to be present around them like a shadow, but you don’t want to feel like a doormat.

Finding a perfect balance is an art. And every spouse should be an artist to keep the spark alive. It is entirely normal if you want your husband to miss you. When we know someone is missing us, we are reassured that that person equally loves us. Missing someone is a sign of attachment. It enhances their loyalty and signifies that you will have a solid relationship for years to come.

Men fall in love when they miss their wives. It shows that they love their woman and would do anything to be by their side. 

The psychology of making your husband miss you

Women have the desire to make their men crave more of their presence. Staying away from him for some time is one of the best ways to make it happen. Distance plays a role in determining if your husband misses you or not. 

Fortunately, many tips could be followed to ensure your guy misses you abundantly.

10 simple tips to make your husband miss you like crazy

Do you feel like your husband has started to take you for granted? Do you wish to enhance your appeal to him? If you answered yes, the following tips might come in handy:

1. Work on small love gestures

Small acts of kindness in a relationship could have a massive impact on the relationship between husband and wife. Learning how to be omnipresent for your husband in a subtle way is essential. 

When you are not around him constantly, use the space to remind him of your care and concern. For instance, leave some of your belongings in his car or side table to make him think about you. Another cute strategy is to leave love notes for him. 

Tiny but cute gestures of love could be pretty effective in igniting fuel in the relationship. It is vital to be creative when doing so. For instance, think about texts that make him wish you were present around him.

2. Don’t be around all the time

If you want him to miss you, the primary thing is not to be a doormat. This means not being around physically and being absent from social media too. Instant replies and messages will probably make him take you for granted.

Create some space between you purposely. When you aren’t constantly around, your husband will miss you and desire your presence. One way to do it is to switch off the phone so that you don’t have to be accountable for not picking up the calls.

When you respond, think of how to respond, so he wants you even more. These techniques are fruitful if you have a new relationship or just came out of a fight with your husband.

3. Cook his favorite meals

Food is one of the best ways to bond with someone. When a man feels you strike his taste buds right, he would be all set to stay around you for his entire life. So, don your chef’s hat to show him that you will cook his favorite meals whenever he wants. 

Start cooking his favorite meals when you wish he doesn’t value you enough or is too busy in his work life. For example, bake a big box of brownies or any snack for him. Whenever his gaze falls onto that box, he would instantly think about you. During these moments, he would want you to be by his side so you can enjoy the savories together.

4. Create hobbies together

Instead of staying on your phones and doing things on your own, develop mutual hobbies. Find a way to participate in the activities he does. This will remind your husband that you are an enjoyable company. 

Take gaming, for example. Play an online game or compete against each other while being in the same room. Or you can go to the movies together and discuss the reviews. You may do some activities together or simply chill in the house. Regardless of what you do, it is the presence that counts.

If he spends a happy time doing something, he will be more interested in you and crave for you when you are absent. 

5. Make interesting conversations

Some men may feel that women aren’t equal counterparts. They doubt women’s emotional or social intelligence and don’t discuss critical affairs with them. A woman should let her partner know that she is equally intelligent (or even more). When your husband knows that you aren’t someone who is always thinking about cooking and doing dishes, he tends to respect you. 

Show him that you are also interested in the political state and have plenty of information about the corporate sector. Our world is different from what it was a decade ago. When a husband knows he can get some sane advice from his wife, he will look up to her and miss her genuine discussions.

6. Show your independence

It is usual for spouses to rely on each other. Nonetheless, over-dependence on a husband may frustrate him and compel him to stay outdoors. When you are independent, your husband will understand that you have a distinguished social life. He will miss you when you are not around. 

Generally, wives have a mundane routine that men aren’t interested in discussing. But, when they find that you have your own social life, they will show a keen interest and be more concerned about how you spend your days. 

A simple rule of a relationship is to have your own space. This takes the relationship to firm ground, and your partner feels connected to you when you are away. 

7. Don’t undermine your life goals

It is 21st century, and women aren’t bound to the households. There are countless stories of women who have broken all the cultural shackles and shown the world that they have immense potential.

When a woman ties the knot, she shouldn’t crumple her dreams and aspirations. A man will respect you more when he finds that you are too determined for your goals. If you lose this purpose and chain yourself to the typical housekeeping stuff, your husband will start taking you for granted.

So, remember your goals and keep working on polishing your skills. 

8. Give him liberty

It is understandable that you love your husband and want to stay around him 24/7. But being too concerned or interfering too much may get on his nerves. So, stay in touch with him but maintain a distance too. 

Every man loves to have some space. When the wife gives him ample space, he will feel more attracted to her and seek her attention. This opposite reaction has proven to be fruitful when trying to reignite the spark in a marital relationship.

9. Show concern and care

Husbands love it when their wives attend to their needs. Having your goals doesn’t mean you should ignore his health or stop doing his chores. Women have the extraordinary skill to balance home and work life. 

Moreover, you should be caring towards his family to make him love you even more. He will think about you when you are sweet and kind and smile at your pleasant personality.

10. Befriend your husband

If you and your husband were friends before marriage, ensure it stays the same. The friendship between husband and wife is an ideal way to ensure the marriage lasts a lifetime. Instead of talking to people on social media, he would be more interested in knowing your opinions.

Once the friendship is strong, he will miss you like crazy and wish to know your thoughts.

Parting notes

A relationship between the husband and wife is unique. Treating it well is vital to ensure that this relationship is eternal. As a wife, you are responsible for attending to your husband and striking the right chords at all steps. Once he gets used to your presence, he will miss you when you aren’t around. And this will be proof that you handled the relationship well!

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