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10 Best Ideas to Propose to Your Girlfriend

10 Best Ideas On How To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Guys have a lot of pressure on them to make their proposals romantic and memorable so if you find yourself typing in the search box “how to propose to girlfriend”, you are not alone. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 10 great ideas on how to propose to your girlfriend.

1. Go Down The Memory Lane

One of the most romantic ideas on how to propose is showing your girl that you remember all the moments you spent with her. 

Take your girlfriend to a place that is special for the both of you, this could be the first place you met, a favorite venue, or any location that is meaningful or memorable in your relationship. Of course if you did not meet in the best of circumstances, or took her to a date at an unremarkable venue, you would instead pick something that is memorable. 

We have all had special moments, trust that you know what she will like. Take her to that special place, recount the day to her and what it meant to you. Tell her how she has changed your life for the better ever since you met. List all the reasons you love her and reveal that all these reasons are why you want to marry her. Finally, ask her the question.

2. Public Proposals

We have all seen videos of people proposing to their significant other in public settings and putting their feelings out there in front of the entire world. However, public proposals also have a bad rep as they assume the answer before asking the question and might make your girl uncomfortable. If she likes public displays of affection and the question is not about yes or no but about when, go for it. 

Despite the unpleasant side of public proposals, they can be quite romantic and you know your partner better than anyone else so you would know if she would like it or not. Public proposals can be anywhere and entail anything you put your mind to impress your lady. 

There are countless ideas and videos online; one that we really liked is the idea of arranging a flash mob and getting the public in on it! However, with any phenomenon that is overdone, try to do it in a classy way, few if any girls want to be proposed at sports games. But, if your girl is into sports, take her to her favorite game and propose while being caught on the kiss cam!

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3. “You Complete Me”

If you have a way with words, use that to your advantage. You can scroll through lists and lists of ideas on how to propose to your girlfriend but at the end of the day, actions might not speak louder than words. Prepare what you’re going to say to her. You can do it anywhere intimate, you could be watching a movie together and suddenly your heart fills with love. 

Spurred by one of those really intimate moments when you lock eyes and you know without a shred of doubt that she is the one for you, pour your heart out to her. Tell her what she means to you, how she has changed you for the better, and how you cannot imagine your life without her. There are no pretenses with this one so as long as you are honest about your feelings, you cannot go wrong.

4. Fine Dining

Treat your girl to the dining experience of her life. Alternatively, you can do it at home and plan a candlelight dinner, cooking her something amazing. You can also hire a personal chef for the special night. 

Whatever you choose to do, spoil her: remind her how lucky she is to have you. At the end of the night, you can treat her to the final course, bringing a ring out on the plate. You can put your spin on it but the basic idea is to surprise her with a ring during one of the courses.

5. Take A Vacation

Speaking of spoiling your girlfriend, why not plan a vacation somewhere romantic? It need not be under the Eiffel Tower or on a gondola in Venice, although those are both classically romantic choices. There are a lot of places that cater to couples. 

You will have plenty of opportunities anywhere you take her, just make sure to look at your options and plan something ahead of time. There is something otherworldly about being somewhere new and exciting, an escape from normal life, so a proposal will be truly magical.

6. Karaoke Night

Another idea on how to propose to your girlfriend, is a spin on public proposals if you can sing well: karaoke. Even if you cannot sing well, show her that you are willing to make a fool out of yourself for her. 

Let us all admit it, over the top proposals can be cheesy, why not lean into the cheesiness and do something endearing. Sing her something special, a song that means something to the both of you or just a song you both love. 

The good thing about karaoke is that it need not be that public, there are all kinds of karaoke places, some that offer a more private experience than others. Instead of proposing in front of countless strangers, why not propose in front of a group of close friends? Keep in mind that, as mentioned earlier, public proposals put a lot of pressure on the one being asked so only go for it if you know she will be comfortable with it.

7. Trail Of Breadcrumbs

This is one you can do at home. You can use a ribbon that extends all the way to the end or even a simple easy to follow trail of special objects will do. You can leave pictures, her favorite chocolates, memorabilia, anything that is meaningful. At the end of the trail, she will find you down on your knee. 

Alternatively, you can be with her, guiding her through, seeing her reactions, talking to her, and leave the ring at the end of the trail and ask her the question as she finds it. If your girl likes puzzles, you can plan an elaborate puzzle, leaving her clues that lead her to the ring. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt, the possibilities are endless.

8. Picnic Under The Stars

Another more intimate option to propose to your girlfriend is to plan a picnic. Pack tablecloths, food, drinks, and of course, the ring. There are plenty of ideas of placing the ring so get creative with it, but make sure you arrange everything after having a weather update. 

You can leave the ring box at the bottom of the picnic basket and ask her to look through the basket to see if you forgot to take out anything. For the highlight of the day, arrange for some fireworks the moment she says yes. Remember to include your friend to relay the signal for the final boom!

9. Blimp Your Way To Her Heart

What if you can have the romantic gesture of a public proposal without all the eyes on your significant other? You can use a skywriter to write your proposal in the air, you can call in on a radio station she listens to and ask the question.

10. Smile For The Camera

Propose in a photobooth and her reaction will be captured forever. You could get creative and flash the ring while she is not looking only for it to come out in the pictures afterwards. Photo booths are great for creating memories and what better memory than your proposal.

There are countless more creative ways to propose to your girlfriend, hopefully we got your creative juices flowing to come up with your own unique idea or you can select one of the suggested ones. Good luck and happy matrimony!

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