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8 Rules to Follow If You Want to Live a Happy Married Life

8 Rules To Follow If You Want To Live A Happy Married Life

Marriages are a contract for a lifetime. Humans seeking comfort in their partners is a natural tendency, and marriages are the best way to make it happen. 

Together you can fight the personal demons, dark histories, and financial burdens. And remember –marriage isn’t always about happy days. There will be some darkest hours where you find yourself in the most bottomless pit. Your partner may fail to understand your feelings, but this shouldn’t end this bonding.

A happy married life is based on the understanding that you both acknowledge others’ needs and wants. You are always willing to go beyond your potential to make your spouse happy, and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a smile on their face. 

If you are about to tie the knot or face trouble maintaining a happy married life, you need to learn some rules. Below, we have curated a list of 8 rules to follow if you wish to live a happy wedding life.

Let’s check them out:

1. Always Remember That Your Partner Is A Person With Feelings

Duh, everyone knows that, right?

Sadly, even after knowing this, some spouses go overboard and feel strongly possessive about their better halves. Even though it is romantic and charming, it may start getting over their nerves. It is normal to share your feelings with your partner and express everything you hold inside your heart. But, you should also know that they are individuals with unique aims and aspirations. They may have desires which they want to fulfill. Instead of stopping them from achieving those heights, you should encourage them.

Watching your partner reach for the heights, you see a spark in their eyes that is worth every sacrifice. Also, their love for you would go up a notch when they see you celebrating their victories.

2. Show Your Willingness To Compromise

When two people share a life, some ups and downs are hard to overcome. However, the happy couples manage to pull themselves from these rough days and continue their way towards a happy married life.

Compromise is the building block of making a relationship work. It doesn’t mean that you crumple your own desires to make it work for your partner. The key is to find a balance where you and your partner are satisfied with the decisions. 

Love requires adjusting to the happiness of your partner. Sometimes, it even asks you to step outside of your comfort zone to ensure your spouse is satisfied. If giving up a habit or two can make you and your partner happier, why not go for it?

Check that not only one of the spouses is making all compromises. Both sides should adjust and be flexible to make it a happily married life.

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3. Don’t Hesitate To Argue

One of the things that deteriorates a relationship is that couples don’t argue. They keep their feelings bottled up and don’t express them. This is one of the most debilitating issues in a relationship. 

You will be facing challenges in married life. There could be instances when you fail to find common ground with your better half. Instead of staying silent and walking your own way, you should not hesitate to argue. 

Arguing is a part of a relationship. They allow your partner to look at you as a human and compel them to be flexible. They strengthen your relationship if you learn to deal with them appropriately. If you can deal with these differences correctly, you will be able to lead a happily married life. When the same things happen again, your spouse will know it will be a massive turn-off for you. They will take the precautionary steps and ensure you don’t have to face the same challenges again.

4. Polish Your Listening Skills

Always take some time out of your day to listen to your partner. It is paramount for a happy wedding life to be based on better listening. Hear what your partner has to say. Let them talk about ordinary things and extraordinary things. It could be as simple as their daily routine or their speculations about the wonders of space. When you hear them out, you get a reflection inside their beautiful souls. But, if your other half feels that you aren’t paying attention, it could leave a dent in your relationship.

5. Never Hold Back Appreciation

A mistake made by many couples is that they take their spouses for granted and indulge in the daily grind. Even after the initial wedding days are over and you are crawling towards a routine, you should adopt tiny gestures to make your better half feel special. This includes appreciating them for their efforts and their looks. 

If the partner doesn’t feel appreciated, they may feel unwanted. There will be a distance between you two because the feelings of unappreciation haunt their souls. Remember, it is imperative that your partner knows you value and love them. Don’t hesitate to praise them in front of your friends and family. Your spouse deserves to be in the limelight once in a while.

6. Work Like A Team

The happy couples refer to themselves as a team. And there is nothing cuter than this!

Your spouse should be someone who makes you go crazy in a good way. You can play tricks, laugh, joke, and have fun. In fact, you shouldn’t need anyone else except each other to make yourselves happy. 

When you both work as a team, it enlightens the relationship and lets your partner feel safe around you. This also involves sharing the things that make you sad. Don’t shut out your partner on days when things are low and you are stuck in a challenging situation. Often, people think their partners will fail to understand their work problems. It is okay to think so, but even then, sharing what’s keeping you awake at night and listening to the comforting words of your partner is immensely satisfying.

7. Don’t Go Over The Past Mistakes

Everybody has a past. Sometimes, the mistakes from the past may keep your partner awake. A happy married life needs to make your spouse feel confident. It would be best if you supported them, not bringing up past mistakes in every argument.

Always maintain your calm during the arguments. It is normal to feel agitated and angry. Nonetheless, be mindful of what you say during the mad rush, as some words may leave an everlasting crack in the relationship.

8. Keep Divorce Off The Table

The “D” word is hazardous for a wedding. It is a scary threat that may kill your partner from the inside. Even if you said the word once during the fight, the possibility of it happening might make your spouse anxious. 

So, when you begin a relationship, ensure that this word is kept off the table. You should mutually agree that divorce is not an option and vow to make things work to your optimal capacity. Sometimes, people who are habitual of giving divorce threats end up getting one at some point. 

A happy married life requires the couple to understand that divorce isn’t an option. If things get too fired up, you can take a break from each other. Keep in mind that marriage is a sacred relationship. It isn’t like a casual friendship where you can abandon your partner.

The Takeaway

They aren’t wrong when they say that marriages are made in heaven. One should enter into this relationship after careful consideration. You are entering a life-long agreement where you will be required to make sacrifices and adjust according to the other person. Following emotions only isn’t the right strategy.

Although it is a two-way relationship, you should only enter it if you feel ready for the changes. Humans crave an emotional bond, but let’s face it, you need to be practical before signing up for it!

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