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Top 8 Qualities That Make You a Better Parent

Top 8 Qualities That Make You a Better Parent

Parenting is hard and it can make or break a child. It is a responsibility that one needs to prepare for thoroughly. Raising children can seem daunting and scary since it is the matter of lives that you are dealing with. However, when you realize that the needs and wants of children are not as complicated as you think it is then it becomes fairly easy. If done right parenting is the most fulfilling job.

Here are some tips to follow if you want to become a better parent for your children;

1. Keep your promises

When children are young, they are often used to getting what they want. This is neither good nor healthy for them. It happens because usually parents give in to their children’s demands after getting coerced by them. For example, if you are out in public and your child starts to misbehave tell them you are going to leave if they continue to do so. The key here is to keep your promise. If they continue misbehaving then leave and take them home. This will make them learn a lesson that it is not okay to be disobedient and they will behave the next time around. 

2. Praise your child

One of the most important things to do is to praise your child whenever they accomplish something even if it is as minor as finishing their food. This will make them want to do these things even if at first just to gain your approval but eventually it will become a habit. Moreover, it is also important to praise your child constantly in order to boost their confidence and self-esteem. It will develop in them a sense of self that they are intellectual human beings.

3. Be expressive

It is not okay to expect your kids to know how you are feeling or to expect them to always know that you love them since you are their parent. Kids just like any other human being do not know how to read minds. You should constantly be telling them how much you love them and care for them. Furthermore, since children imitate their parents, being expressive will normalize the display of emotions. It will eventually make them emotionally mature adults who do not shy away from expressing their feelings.

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4. Be mentally present for your children

An absent parent is not just one who is physically not there for their children. Being a neglectful parent comes in many different shapes and forms. It also includes not being there for your children mentally and emotionally. As a parent you should be showing interest in your children’s lives. It is not okay if you don’t even know what grade they are. You need to be mindful of whatever is happening in your child’s life.

5. Allow them to make mistakes

One of the things that parents do that can be harmful towards their children is not letting them make mistakes. Children are careless and reckless and they tend to make many mistakes. Yes, it is important to discipline them but in trying to discipline them parents more often than not instill a fear of them in their kids. As parents you are supposed to be their safe haven and so you should be kind towards them when they make a mistake. Sure, let them know that it was wrong whatever they did but don’t punish them so harshly for it that they start to hide stuff from you.

6. Let them be as creative and imaginative as they can be

It is important that parents encourage creativity amongst their children. At a young, impressionable age when your child cannot speak properly, they will want to express themselves in other ways. This entails that sometimes you will have to have your hands dirty when they are splashing paint everywhere in an attempt to let out their emotions. It is important that you let your children be as creative as they can get in order to develop their minds and personalities.

Moreover, even as they grow up to become young adults do not stop them from pursuing the careers that they want. It is after all their life and they should be able to do whatever they want with it. If you try to force them to go down a path that you want for them then they will end up resenting you and it will put your relationship in a strain. 

7. Do not scream or shout at them

Parents often tend to get angry and frustrated with their children. Even if they have done something foolish do not go off on them shouting and screaming. Kids are very perceptive and they pick on everything that you say and do. Be gentle and kind to them even if they are trying your patience. Instead of getting mad at them, calmly explain to them the negative impact of their actions on others and maybe give them a time-out.

8. Do not suffocate them with unnecessary rules

Most often than not parents implement a lot of unnecessary rules on their children in order to control them. Allow them the freedom to be able to breathe once in a while. If you are going to impose a thousand rules on them chances are that they are going to rebel and will eventually start to resent you. Being too strict and controlling can push your child away from you and they will not be able to trust you with their problems. They will look for other means in order to fulfill their needs.


Parenting is a tough job and it can get to you. However, it is important to consider that as a parent you are dealing with young and impressionable kids whose futures are shaped by how we treat them. It is necessary that you are kind and gentle to them as well as discipline them when they need it.

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