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7 Ways to Deal with Pre Wedding Anxiety and Stress

7 Ways to Deal With Pre Wedding Anxiety and Stress

Love attending those weddings every time? Well, when it’s your time, you realize it is not as much fun as you had at your best friend’s wedding. You might be wondering why. This is because now you are the planner, the host, the main character, and above all, your life is going to change forever. Now that sounds scary. Isn’t it?

Well, experts claim pre-wedding jitters to be completely normal. According to Wed Magazine, 66% of the brides stated that pre-wedding stress affected their daily lives. If you too are experiencing something similar, don’t think you are an alien. These what-ifs are quite natural, so don’t allow them to take a toll on your mental or physical health. The time before the wedding is actually very important and should be utilized positively to work out things before you hop onto the next phase of your life.

If it’s seriously leading to sleepless nights, then worry not. We have prepared a list of Dos that will help you overcome the unusual feelings and carry on with your routine life even on the day before the wedding. So without further ado, let’s dig in to find out how to deal with pre wedding anxiety.

1. Pamper yourself everyday

Life these days has actually become stressful. Technological advancements are eating up most of our time, leading to endless struggles every day. With this, if you can’t sleep as your wedding is coming up, you are just tiring yourself more. The roller coaster ride will begin on the wedding day, and you definitely don’t want to start it feeling exhausted and drained out.

So to save yourself, you need additional pampering. Wear your favorite clothes, eat your beloved flavor of ice-creams, meet your best friends, get your body massaged, and go on a tour. There are countless ways to make yourself feel special and forget about what is going to happen. Use those ways and enjoy your life.

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2. Make exercise a key component of your daily routine

Do you know that working out enhances your brain performance and sharpens your memory? This clearly indicates that exercise will help you de-stress those wedding if and buts that are bugging you every day. Do whatever you love to do. If you enjoy going to the park at the end of your street, go there, or if treadmill-ing alone is your idea of a healthy lifestyle, opt for it. Make sure to buy a good pair of gym wear before embarking on the journey so that you enjoy your moves rather than considering it as a burden and adding to your miseries.

3. Treat yourself to hot bubble baths and spa treatements

Science reveals that a bubble bath is much better for your mental health as compared to a shower. This might sound surprising to you, but it is a fact and so take those soothing showers to offer some peace to your mind before you get married. Well, you can take them after marriage too. These stress-busting agents will help you overcome your anxieties if you seriously don’t know how to cope up.

Moreover, the importance of spa treatments cannot be overlooked. According to Statista, the spa services industry will go over 133 billion dollars by 2027. This shows that people are ready to spend their hard-earned money on specialized treatments to get some relaxation. So, you, too, should get yourself that royal treatment to free your mind from any worries that are giving you a tough time.

4. Stay connected with your partner

At times, you get so preoccupied with the preparations and easing the pressure that you forget to give time to your partner. It is important to note that you are planning a life ahead with this person, and so you need to get in touch with them more and more. An effective way to deal with your pre wedding anxiety is to indulge in more active discussions, dates, and long late-night walks with your partner. This will give you more comfort as now you are getting a chance to know more about your spouse-to-be. Plus, you can talk your heart out and tell them about your fears so that you two can plan out the solutions together.

5. Identify your triggers

There are things that can turn on your anxious mode in a second. This could be the fear of your dress turning out well, getting the appointment of the best makeup artist, or dealing with relatives whose interests don’t match with yours. It is important that you identify them so that you can handle things in a better way.  Remember, the better you plan out, the better outcomes you will get, so instead of stressing out on the little things, find solutions beforehand to save your time and energy.

6. Pay attention to your diet and sleep

A good diet and a good night’s sleep are the perfect ingredients for a stress-free life. So if you are missing out on even any one of them, you will surely suffer. Things change after the wedding, and the probability is that you might not get time to pay attention to these later on too. So make sure to stick to a good diet schedule and get at least eight hours of sleep every day. If you are unable to do so, seek professional help but remember to stay away from self-prescribed medicines as they are just going to numb your mind and make you feel more lethargic and exhausted.

7. Don’t be too tough on yourself

Your wedding is not the end, it’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Your wish for everything to be just perfect is not undue but then remember to set realistic expectations so that you don’t get hurt if they are not met. In this important period of life, take the opportunity to learn everything about yourself. Once you know how to handle yourself, handling different situations will get easier, and a time will come when the anxiety is going to convert into enjoyment, and you will love everything that is around you even after the big day.

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